Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Ugly Truth Review: SFW Favorites!

Okay I know its not really something you wouldn't expect to hear from me but I LOVEDDD fashion week. I thought it was great seeing how talented everyone is on Stardoll. I thought it could have run a bit smoother with all the due dates and whatnot but other than that I honestly couldn't have expected anything better.
Anyways, I just thought I'd give my personal opinion on how things went. So.. yeah. haha

I love this. I think Lily Rose is one of the most talented people on Stardoll and would you look how perfect the whole thing is set up? I think she gave off one of those "beautifully simple" vibes and she pulled if off nicely. LOVE IT.
WOW. What can I say about this one? Body? A little bit deformed if I'm telling the truth. Not sure I'm in love with the pose but I thought the dress and the makeup were stunning.
I have NO words to describe this but simply AMAZING. I loved this whole collection and I love the bottom of the dress more than anything I've ever seen. Congrats Alice, you've truly convinced me that you are THE queen of fashion :D


  1. There is just 1 little thing I don't like: Models are too tall! Her legs are too long!

  2. YES! I agree. I kind of liked how it stood out though..