Saturday, December 25, 2010

im not who i've been saying.

yes thats right. i suppose now you expect me to come out with a secret like "i have another stardoll account"
nope. im 2peicesofcandy1. i have been all along. its just the girl BEHIND the medoll i've been keeping a giant secret about. i'll start off with this:

my name is not Nikki. i am a 13 going on 20 year old girl that loves anything artistic. i got to a snotty rich kid school (its not as amazing at people make it seem) and writing, photography, acting, and singing is my outlet and escape from all the bullshit some people like to call "life".

so now you might be wondering, why did you pretend to be Nikki in the first place.
well, Nikki Giovanni is the girl i've always wanted to be. no, shes not perfect and shes not the best. but i guess thats not what i ever aspired to be. its hard to explain. theres more of this story to come though... stay tuned.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Be there, be square!

Nothing much more to say about this one(:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Blog is Back from the Dead.

I guess you could call it a revival?
Anyways, I've been so busy with school and shit that I haven't had time to actually blogggggogogogog.

I'm getting ready for Christmas and am waiting to do something big on Stardoll. I dunno what yet but I know where I'm starting.
Lots of new friends lately its kinda odd. Around this time last year, I was just figuring out what blogging was. People on stardoll are amazing... the real ones.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Ugly Truth Review: SFW Favorites!

Okay I know its not really something you wouldn't expect to hear from me but I LOVEDDD fashion week. I thought it was great seeing how talented everyone is on Stardoll. I thought it could have run a bit smoother with all the due dates and whatnot but other than that I honestly couldn't have expected anything better.
Anyways, I just thought I'd give my personal opinion on how things went. So.. yeah. haha

I love this. I think Lily Rose is one of the most talented people on Stardoll and would you look how perfect the whole thing is set up? I think she gave off one of those "beautifully simple" vibes and she pulled if off nicely. LOVE IT.
WOW. What can I say about this one? Body? A little bit deformed if I'm telling the truth. Not sure I'm in love with the pose but I thought the dress and the makeup were stunning.
I have NO words to describe this but simply AMAZING. I loved this whole collection and I love the bottom of the dress more than anything I've ever seen. Congrats Alice, you've truly convinced me that you are THE queen of fashion :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stardoll losing members by the minute.

Lets face it. Besides the exceptions that a couple of people are leaving theres nothing going on right now. I'm ready to be part of projects, part of drama, part of the real reason we are all on Stardoll in the first place. With all these people leaving there are some blogs that are going to go into downfall mode. It makes me sad because honestly I'm ready for a change.
Somebody do something... I'm ready to make my part if you all are ready to make yours. I'm looking for new ways to spice everything up.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Loners

Yeah, excuses, excuses but whatever. I have been SO busy with school. And to be honest, Stardoll is getting a bit boring. I cant WAIT for Fashion Week. Thats sure to start some kind of controversy. You just never know with Mary... and I love it.

Anyways, I was watching a t.v. show that got me thinking about certain cliques and groups of people. I was thinking about how clique-y stardoll "groups" can be. If you are just becoming new to the whole "blog-following" thing then all you know is "Elites" which is just one big group with a bunch of people. But if you think about it there are so many more levels than just "Elite"

Stardoll has reminded me of high school a bit.
There are people who get grouped togther for:
Being Boys
Being Famewhores
Being the "True Elites" (people who were Elite from the beginning of Stardoll, best fashion, etc)

Then there is the favorite group to blog about:
The Loners

Ahh.. the loners. The're the bloggers favorite targets. Gossip blogs love to pick on them for every detail... why? Well because they dont have anyone to defend them. The only people that the Loners can depend on is really... well... themselves.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Uhm.. Is There Any Reason Filipinhamaria Thinks Shes...

An stripper? I know shes apparently very nice, I never have had the chance of talking to her but really, come on?

Too Much Sh!t For a Girl to Handle

I'm stressed lately. Between applying to highschools, making new project ideas, drawing, acting camps, re-doing my bedroom, and keeping up with friends all the while... I just haven't had time to sit down and actually write something. I've been online to keep up with Stardoll, and finish application forms but I haven't been able to actually be creative in a bit. Stardoll "drama" has been a tad boring but I can't help but believe with the releases of magazines and Fashion Week beginning soon it will get better quickly. Some may have noticed that I haven't posted on Elite Diary lately. I don't really know whats up with that... it might just be a writers block but I'm not sure.

Anyways, back to the title... have you ever just talked to someone on Stardoll and known they were going to be a bitch? I've experienced that lately with someone and it sometimes is just hard to understand what exactly your friends see in that person...

Then of course, theres the people on Stardoll that change (for the worst). Theres one girl who I was close with since the beginning of Stardoll who now I just don't get along with. Over the years, we have all (I assume) changed so much. I know I certainly have, and that girl certainly did, and even some of my friends that I still talk to in real life have. So whats the deal?
We started on Stardoll (or school, camp, whatever it is..) when we were younger and sometimes were just a different person. I know I was a little brat that was obsessed with Barbies and dolls but I was never really a girly girl. Then I started going on Stardoll.. I don't know if it was just that I grew up... or that Stardoll really changed me. My point is, Stardoll can change people. Or at least.. thats what I believe.

Sorry for the ramble. Theres a lot on my mind today.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Team Manolo or Tyler? Seriously?

Okay so if you haven't been hiding under a rock these past couple of weeks you'll know that Tyler and Manolo are EASILY deemed the most dramatic males on Stardoll. To be honest, I dont really see anything wrong with being dramatic. Nothing wrong with saying your opinion. But apparently there was some kind of hissy fit on the comment board of TTT (Tylers Top Trends). It started by Tyler stating that he no longer supports Manolo's group Dioguardi because he got offended when Manolo said that his blog would be the best or something along those lines? Who knows... its a little hard for me to follow.
The point of this ramble is... now people are choosing "Team Tyler" or "Team Manolo".What the eff is this? Like Twilight or something? Honestly, I find it kinda ridiculous.

(The Picture is from PSG)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello to whoever may have stumbled across this blog! I'm sure you would agree that there's a lot of drama on Stardoll... yes? When asked for my opinion I've always been kind of quiet about it.. not wanting to hurt anyones feelings or get on anyones bad sides. No more of that. I don't care of what you think of me anymore. Stardoll has gotten a bit boring.
And whenever someone actually DOES say their opinion its anonymous which is cowardly if you ask me...
Anywho, I've decided to tell you how I really feel about this "drama". Its a virtual world for crying out loud and we can do what we want with it... lets spice it up a bit... shall we?