Friday, September 3, 2010

Team Manolo or Tyler? Seriously?

Okay so if you haven't been hiding under a rock these past couple of weeks you'll know that Tyler and Manolo are EASILY deemed the most dramatic males on Stardoll. To be honest, I dont really see anything wrong with being dramatic. Nothing wrong with saying your opinion. But apparently there was some kind of hissy fit on the comment board of TTT (Tylers Top Trends). It started by Tyler stating that he no longer supports Manolo's group Dioguardi because he got offended when Manolo said that his blog would be the best or something along those lines? Who knows... its a little hard for me to follow.
The point of this ramble is... now people are choosing "Team Tyler" or "Team Manolo".What the eff is this? Like Twilight or something? Honestly, I find it kinda ridiculous.

(The Picture is from PSG)

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