Friday, September 10, 2010

The Loners

Yeah, excuses, excuses but whatever. I have been SO busy with school. And to be honest, Stardoll is getting a bit boring. I cant WAIT for Fashion Week. Thats sure to start some kind of controversy. You just never know with Mary... and I love it.

Anyways, I was watching a t.v. show that got me thinking about certain cliques and groups of people. I was thinking about how clique-y stardoll "groups" can be. If you are just becoming new to the whole "blog-following" thing then all you know is "Elites" which is just one big group with a bunch of people. But if you think about it there are so many more levels than just "Elite"

Stardoll has reminded me of high school a bit.
There are people who get grouped togther for:
Being Boys
Being Famewhores
Being the "True Elites" (people who were Elite from the beginning of Stardoll, best fashion, etc)

Then there is the favorite group to blog about:
The Loners

Ahh.. the loners. The're the bloggers favorite targets. Gossip blogs love to pick on them for every detail... why? Well because they dont have anyone to defend them. The only people that the Loners can depend on is really... well... themselves.

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