Saturday, December 25, 2010

im not who i've been saying.

yes thats right. i suppose now you expect me to come out with a secret like "i have another stardoll account"
nope. im 2peicesofcandy1. i have been all along. its just the girl BEHIND the medoll i've been keeping a giant secret about. i'll start off with this:

my name is not Nikki. i am a 13 going on 20 year old girl that loves anything artistic. i got to a snotty rich kid school (its not as amazing at people make it seem) and writing, photography, acting, and singing is my outlet and escape from all the bullshit some people like to call "life".

so now you might be wondering, why did you pretend to be Nikki in the first place.
well, Nikki Giovanni is the girl i've always wanted to be. no, shes not perfect and shes not the best. but i guess thats not what i ever aspired to be. its hard to explain. theres more of this story to come though... stay tuned.

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